We are now closed for the season. See you for summer apples in July, 2019!

Notes on 2018 season: 

2018 started out with a long, cool spring. This meant we were able to avoid wide-spread damaging frosts, however we did have one cold event just before bloom that has resulted in minor frost rings on fruit, especially the Honeycrisp. The abundance of rain during the spring and early summer has also meant that our fungal pressure has been very high. In general, our crop is a bit light this year.

As we've been harvesting more of our fruit, we've also noticed that we've had more than usual damage from the Apple Maggot Fly. This insect's life-cycle is closely tied to good soil moisture, so considering the rain this year, it is not surprising. We will help PYO customers to identify an Apple Maggot compromised apple in hopes of minimizing the damaged fruit taken home.

For a more detailed report about our 2018 season, you can peruse this document.