We are now closed for the season. See you in July, 2018!








Notes on 2017 season: 

2017 started out with an extremely early spring. Luckily we avoided damaging frosts, however the huge amount of rain has been problematic for the crop; the fungal pressure has been very intense. This means that we will have more "ugly apples" with fungal blemishes, especially in varieties like McIntosh and Gala which are very susceptible. For pictures and more details about the main fungal problem for apples, Apple Scab, please see our Eat Ugly Apples page.

In addition, we had some hail damage on 7/6. We lost some fruit, and you will see dents and skin breaks in some of our thinner-skinned varieties.

update 10/2:  The unseasonable heat at the end of September has caused ripening to speed way, way up. In addition, much of our fruit, ripe or not, has dropped on the ground. This has brought our PYO season to an early end. We are not sure how it will affect the rest of our season at the moment, but we will keep you updated.