Lamb and Wool

note: Unfortunately we will not have meat available for sale in 2017.

About 15 years ago we added Black Welsh Mountain sheep to our farm.  Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are a small, dual-purpose breed that provides excellent mild mutton and a completely black, dense, durable fleece. We've also developed Chocolate Welsh Mountain sheep - Door Creek Orchard is the only place where they can be found!

The sheep are bred, born, and raised at Door Creek Orchard. Our animals live a peaceful life on the orchard and are grazed out in the open on rotation around the property for most of the year. This includes a rotation through the upper orchard after the fall season ends to clean up fallen fruit (and to provide their natural fertilizer). In addition to pasture rotation, they are fed hay from our field and apples when available. For more information on how we produce this excellent, locally and sustainably grown meat and wool, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.