Honey and Beeswax CANDLES

Our honeybees are a key part of our orchard.  Housed in small hives on the north end of the lower orchard, they help to pollinate our crops each year.  

In addition to making our fruit possible, the bees provide honey and beeswax candles for sale in our store.  We currently have one beekeeper,  Al Kent, who has worked with us for many years. He skillfully cares for the hives throughout the year then harvests the honey and honeycomb. Al’s wife, Nancy Werlein, is an artisan candle maker and uses the left-over wax to create the gorgeous, long-burning candles that are also available each fall.  

Quantities and availability of honeybee products vary from year to year depending on blossoms, weather, and hive health.  We have also struggled with “colony collapse disorder” along with the rest of the country.  Currently research is being done around the world to make sure we don’t lose the honeybees for good; they are an essential key to our whole agricultural system.