Pears and Others

In recent years we have increased the number and variety of fall-ripening pears that we grow. We hope to continue to expand this part of our orchard. Pears are sold purely already-picked in our retail shed.

Pear Varieties

We also grow a small quantity of Quince and American Persimmon. Local chefs have discovered this and are usually the first to claim our harvest of these unique fruits.


  • Bosc (not yet producing)

  • Colette

  • Comice

  • Flemish Beauty

  • Forelle

  • Harrow Gold

  • Harrow Sweet

  • Honey Gold

  • Magness

  • Moonglow

  • Paragon (not yet producing)

  • Potomac (not yet producing)

  • Seckel

  • Shenandoah (not yet producing)

  • Red Clapp's Favorite



Quince picture photo credit:  http://theindianvegan.blogspot.comFo