We are currently in the first stages of renewing our orchard. Many of our trees are nearing the end of their life; you will notice rows being taken out either partially or entirely in the coming years. Because of the time needed in between plantings (the soil must recover for at least 2 years), this is an extensive process.

Please also keep in mind that apple trees will not start bearing significant fruit for between 3-7 years after planting. This means that the availability of some of the varieties you are used to seeing will fluctuate widely; some might not be available at all for several years


Rows currently in renewal: 

Row 23 - previously Gala, cover cropped for 2019

Row 24 - previously Golden Delicious, cover cropped for 2018, 2019

Row 11 - re-planted spring 2019. Expected bearing in 4-7 years.

Row 12 (north half) - re-planted spring 2019. Expected bearing in 4-7 years.

Row 13 (north half) - re-planted spring 2019. Expected bearing in 4-7 years.

NOTE:  Senshu will not be available for several years starting fall, 2016. There will not be Jonagold PYO starting in fall, 2016. There will not be Golden Delicious PYO starting in fall, 2018.


Upper orchard restructuring plan:

As we renew this mostly PYO block of trees, we have the chance to restructure it to make it more accessible for our customers. We've listened over the years when you've said you prefer shorter rows when picking-your-own. Thusly our plan is not to re-plant the north half of rows 23-33 once they are taken out and instead add additional rows moving east into what is currently our hay field. The hay field will then be shifted to the north side of the rows in the newly opened space. In addition, we are adding a "Row 0" to the lower orchard.

New Rows:

Row 34 - Blushing Golden - planted spring 2016

Row 0 - Crimson Crisp - planted spring 2017

Row 27 - Pixie Crunch - planted spring 2018