On the hill above the barn we have a small vineyard in which assorted varieties of table and wine grapes are growing.  Grapes are sold both already-picked and pick-your-own, but this is dependent upon supply. Grapes are an August/September crop at our orchard.

In years where we have significant die back in the old vines (usually due to cold), we will also have grape vine wood available for sale. When all our vines survive, we will instead provide bundles of traditional "sarment", the small diameter prunings we take off each year.


  • Baco Noir

  • Canadice (Seedless)

  • Concord

  • Edelweiss

  • Foch

  • Fredonia

  • Marquis (Seedless)

  • Mars (Seedless)

  • Reliance (Seedless)

  • Swenson Red

  • Trollhaugen (Seedless, not yet bearing)

  • Vanessa (Seedless)